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The Mission  

To support people in building a lasting healthy lifestyle through simple, tailored changes for their body and mind.

Our Values  

Enthusiasm: Improving your health is fun and incredibly rewarding! We structure our plans to be engaging, enjoyable and client led. 

Integrity: At Pivot Point Health, we practice and take pride in being honest and consistent. Both characteristics are fundamental to your success in building a lasting, healthy lifestyle. 

Progressive: In health, core concepts remain true overtime – move, eat real food, rest, create community, etc. As more research emerges and health sciences improve, recommendations should develop overtime. Pivot Point Health happily embraces these changes and believes improvement is fundamental in our approach to a healthy lifestyle.  

Trust: The health and wellness industry is full of bad information aimed at profit and “scaring” the consumer into purchasing the new product that they “must have” to be healthy. At Pivot Point Health, our aim is to guide and support you to lasting health based on your individual needs and goals. We guide and support you on your journey health, not the newest fad. Recommendations are based on innovative ideas and simple, longstanding approaches. 



Curiosity: We are deeply curious about health and wellness. We do not prescribe to one kind of diet, one kind of movement style or one lifestyle pattern. Our approach is flexible. For example, what works for one person may not work for another and your body changes, so what worked for you at one time, may not work for you now. At Pivot Point Health, we will meet you where you are at in this moment. 

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