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What is

The Pivot Plan?

This will be fun
This will be smart
This will be transformative

Create success by learning simple wellness strategies to improve your energy, your genius and your potential.  



Simplified Nutrition

Sleep Disorders

Weight Management 

Activity & Movement

Habit Creation 



Why hire a coach?


All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't himself. - Bill McCartney

Working with a Pivot Point Health Coach will bring you tailored, actionable steps, and informed wellness strategies. We will leverage your body's natural ability and inclination to be well. Your coach will be on your team, hold you accountable, educate you, inspire you and clearly guide you on your path to the healthy you that YOU want. Coaching is conducted virtually via an online video platform or by phone, making coaching as convenient as possible.

Would you like to learn more?

Head over to the coaching page and learn how we will create the results you want. 

Who do we coach?

  • Are you in information overload when it comes to health and wellness?

  • Are you a busy professional who needs tailored protocols that fit YOUR life?

  • Are you a high performer who wants to maintain your health and edge?

  • Are you concerned about your longevity?

  • Do you want to feel more comfortable with your appearance?

  • Do you struggle with keeping healthy habits?

  • Is your work and home life important to you and you want to have the energy to do it all?

  • Does your health decline when life throws you curve balls?

  • Are you health conscious and want to know what strategies are most effective?


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will benefit your family, career, finances, and give you more energy and time to do the things you want!

Would you like to start thriving right now?
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