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Your work and your life are important! We want you to create a healthy foundation so you are able to achieve and be well.

I grew up very interested in health and I was intrigued about solutions that made us well. I remember eagerly waiting, then devouring the health section of our monthly Reader’s Digest as a child. In high school and college, I loved learning about the human body and was fascinated by human behavior. This paired with a deep desire to help others led to me earning a B.A. in Human Services at Western Washington University.

After college, I worked in mental health for 5 years. I was an Intensive Outpatient Case Manager and managed an emergency shelter for mentally ill adults without homes. Following my work in mental health, I took a job as the Director of Social Work for a local nursing home. (Ok, that is not entirely true… I did have a short gig at a funeral home for a few months. It was a great experience, but I was too lively and energetic for the role!). Later, I became an expert in patient experience for a small healthcare system that serves Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Are you wondering what patient experience is? Well, I wore many hats, but it was all aimed towards better communication and empathy towards patients, which leads to better outcomes, satisfaction and a more healing environment. In this position, my favorite part was boots on the groundwork with the employees. I coached caregivers all along the patient’s journey – schedulers, nurses, physicians, etc. As a coach, I feel like a duck in water – it is very natural, enjoyable and very, very rewarding. After receiving my certification from the Institute for Transformational Nutrition, I can take my past working experiences, passion for helping others and love of a healthy lifestyle to coach people into a new direction of wellness. 

Throughout college and my early career, I suffered from troubling conditions around digestive health, insomnia, hormones, anxiety, poor nutrition, unnecessary surgery and sub optimal movement. It was difficult to create healthy habits that were fun, effective and fit into my demanding work and personal life. Long story short, I have learned a lot (and continue to learn daily!). Some learning was done the hard way, but all the learning has made me smarter, stronger and a true health champion. Now I am here to help you. I want to offer you the information and expertise that I have accumulated. I want you to have the support you need as we create a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, healthy habits, mindset and movement. Successful, long lasting, health changes take time and an expert. Take a moment to schedule a free consultation, review my coaching services and packages, or contact me with your questions. Oh and did I mention, I live on a small hubby farm and love animals? See below :)

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